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E. e. “coney,” belonging to the “unclean” animals. 235 The critical apparatus suggest the participle hc[, thus providing a clearer indication of the perpetual nature of the creative activity of YHWH. 236 The versions of Aquila and Symmachus read ejgnwvrise, which points to the Pi [D®y,I suggesting that YHWH makes the sun know its proper time to set. e. yhyw. 239 The rising of the sun is indicated by jrz “to rise, come forth,” as well as axy in v 23a. ” 241 Î reads µhytwnw[m. 242 Briggs, Psalms, 338 saw wbrAhm as a gloss.

The perceptions of creation and creator contribute to these experiences of death. Thus, experiences of God, as creator, and death are intricately connected. God remains the creator and death remains certain. Yet the experience of the one impacts on the perception of the other. g. g. the prose epilogue of Job 42:7-17. Ultimately we want to establish how the respective perceptions of the creation-death relation relate, and too what extent they can be held in a meaningful, tension-filled relation.

245 The Î adds hbrh. 246 Here µv can be read as chiastic counterpart to wb at the end of v 26. e. ” For fql, see also Gen 31:46 and Exod 16:4, 5, 26. 250 The Peshitta omits bwf, but the LXX supports the MT. 251 This line is omitted in Î. 4 An Analysis of Psalm 104 In this analysis of the text of Ps104 the focus will rest on those elements that contribute to the doxological tone of the psalm’s creation theology, as well as those elements that contribute in giving shape to the particular relation of creation and death in this psalm.

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