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All four vowel shapes were used. Each word matched one possible combination of C1 type, V shape, C2 type (5 x 4 x 5), giving 100 words. The full wordlist is in Appendix A. For ease of exposition, I will henceforth refer to C1 as the onset consonant and C2 as the coda consonant (even though not all C2’s are actually codas, due to some polysyllabic target words, as discussed below). The wordlist was balanced on the basis of C1 type, vowel shape and C2 type to eliminate potential confounds. For example, effect of onset can be evaluated independently of vowel shape and coda type because each onset type occurs with the other types equally.

The participant reviewed the correlation between orthography and vowel shape and then read a few test note cards, containing both existing and nonce forms. The recording session was divided into two sections: existing forms were presented first, followed by a break during which the participant was asked if they had any questions, and then nonce forms were presented. Throughout the session, participants were encouraged to ask questions if necessary and to repeat the word as many times as they wished if they were not happy with the original pronunciation.

See §4 for discussion of the effect of the implosive on pitch. 28 Chapter II word was printed on a note card. For an existing form, the card contained the target word in standard orthography in large print with the Spanish equivalent of the word in smaller print below. The Spanish translation was given because most participants had more reading experience with Spanish and in order to prevent orthographic misunderstandings. For example, a reader should be less likely to mistake k’a’an (with a GLOTTALIZED vowel) for k’áan (with HIGH TONE) if k’a’an is printed alongside fuerte “strong” (as opposed to k’áan “hammock”).

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