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By Maria Rosa Antognazza

Of the entire thinkers of the century of genius that inaugurated glossy philosophy, none lived an highbrow lifestyles extra wealthy and sundry than Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716). knowledgeable as a jurist and hired as a counsellor, librarian, and historian, he made recognized contributions to good judgment, arithmetic, physics, and metaphysics, but seen his personal aspirations as eventually moral and theological, and married those theoretical matters with politics, international relations, and an both huge diversity of sensible reforms: juridical, monetary, administrative, technological, scientific, and ecclesiastical. Maria Rosa Antognazza's pioneering biography not just surveys the entire breadth and intensity of those theoretical pursuits and sensible actions, it additionally weaves them jointly for the 1st time right into a unified portrait of this precise philosopher and the realm from which he got here. on the centre of the massive variety of Leibniz's it appears miscellaneous endeavours, Antognazza unearths a unmarried grasp venture lending team spirit to his terribly multifaceted life's paintings. through the vicissitudes of his lengthy lifestyles, Leibniz tenaciously pursued the dream of a scientific reform and development of the entire sciences, to be undertaken as a collaborative firm supported via an enlightened ruler; those theoretical goals have been in flip eventually grounded in a pragmatic target: the development of the human situation and thereby the occasion of the dignity of God in His production. in addition to tracing the threads of continuity that sure those theoretical and useful actions to this all-embracing plan, this illuminating research additionally strains those threads again into the highbrow traditions of the Holy Roman Empire during which Leibniz lived and through the broader highbrow networks that associated him to consumers in international locations as far away as Russia and to correspondents as a long way afield as China.

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Instead of resorting to ad hominem arguments such as these, Leibniz scholars have become increasingly adept at patiently teasing out the consistencies underlying apparently diverse formulations or interpreting genuine inconsistencies as part of a gradual process of philosophical exploration and development.  The key to interpreting even Leibniz’s clearly philosophical texts consistently, in other words, is often to be found in his nonphilosophical commitments, in his broader intellectual projects, or Introduction  in the political and confessional contexts in which individual texts were written and intended to be read.

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