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By Levi Brackman

Sacred Jewish texts corresponding to the Torah and the Kabbalah have lengthy been con-sid-ered repositories of a few of the best knowledge ever assembled. but merely the neatest and so much profitable company pros reap the benefits of those robust collections of recommendation. utilizing real-world company events as illustrative examples, this ebook finds a four-thousand-year-old blueprint for achievement.

Readers will locate sensible insights on:

conquering worry - harnessing will energy - elimination ego from the equation - mas-tering negotiation thoughts - facing failure - using non secular entre-preneurship - harvesting the ability of positivity - and discovering the correct stability of personality qualities to reach any profession or company enterprise

the traditional Jewish writings comprise a breadth of data a person can use, in company and in lifestyles. This enlightening and functional advisor supplies readers the path they should make it paintings for them.

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There is never a situation that calls for praying and then waiting for a miracle. There is always something that can be done. Praying that the action will 18 Jewish Wisdom for Business Success succeed is perfectly suitable, but prayer with no intention of doing something to help the situation is unacceptable. Fear can cause us to feel unable to act on our own. Instead we demand that others act on our behalf. It is not surprising that the Israelites wanted to abdicate their responsibility to take action.

5 billion. While Musk had always been fascinated with computers and making them more efficient, he knew that his destiny was tied to space. After the PayPal sale, he decided to solve the single greatest problem of space travel: getting out of the atmosphere cheaply. Since the 1960s, NASA hasn’t been able to lift a pound of material to outer space for less than $10,000. Musk thought he had figured out a rocket design that would undercut that price by a factor of five. Ever since his schoolboy days, he had dreamed of being part of the space race.

Jour ney Forth! 5 looming war horses. You can hear the war-whoops of the charioteers. You look upwards at the sky, wishing you had wings, and wonder to yourself whether this is your last chance to gaze at the clouds drifting in the sky. The dust from the approaching army starts to cloud the air around you. You look into the eyes of your children and you feel their fear in your own bones. Here is where the midrash adds some pertinent details. At this profoundly terrifying moment, it tells us that the leaders of the people split into four camps, arguing furiously with each other.

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