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Examples include: a. b. 35). 36). 36 Conductor and guide 42 Dynamics of fixed marine structures This type of constraint problem can be modelled using several techniques. 37. This used wishbones to provide the guide A second technique is to use constraint equations. The constraint equation method defines one slave freedom in terms of another master freedom and then eliminates the slave freedom from the K matrix, etc. Probably the most convenient technique is to introduce extra freedoms at nodes.

44 for SDOF systems. This method is very simple in principle although it may be time consuming t o apply in p r a c t i c e t o a problem involving l a r g e numbers of d e g r e e s of freedom and a large number of loading cyclic frequencies. This is because it is n e c e s s a r y t o find the inverse of t h e complex m a t r i x G for each loading frequency of i n t e r e s t . 10), a r e used because: i. t h e s e a r e more efficient once t h e mode shapes and n a t u r a l frequencies a r e known, ii.

J_. 3 "1 I I by node. 39 I I I I I I I I k3 I I I I I I Support stiffness elements within the partitions. 32. r "N = < f1 f2 = v f2 f r fi Λ V > *3 Structure 4 * L u J J Partitioned global force vector. 32 y o Contents of partition ( Ί . 11 F o r c e s a p p l i e d t o members If it was only possible to model forces as if they were applied at nodes the distributed loading typical of environmental forces would require every loaded member in the structure to be subdivided. 33). If loads can only be applied at nodes then model (a) will result in all the loads being applied to the ends of the brace and they will not cause the correct local bending of the member.

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