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The Asutra (Durdane, Book 3)

The Asutra is the 3rd publication within the Durdane trilogy

The Prada Plan 3: Green-Eyed Monster

Leah has been making an attempt for years to dispose of her festival, and all her loopy scheming has eventually paid off—or so she thinks. Now that YaYa is out of the image, she's able to step into her footwear and feature the existence she consistently dreamed of. The scars that she earned within the hearth nearly look worthy it in the event that they suggest she'll ultimately be capable to have all of the cash, the kin, and most significantly, to have Indie's like to herself.

The Lies of Locke Lamora (The Gentleman Bastard Sequence, Book 1)

"Remarkable . . . Scott Lynch's first novel, The Lies of Locke Lamora, exports the suspense and wit of a cleverly developed crime caper into an unique realm of delusion, and the result's engagingly wonderful. "--The instances (London)

An orphan's lifestyles is harsh--and usually short--in the mysterious island urban of Camorr. yet younger Locke Lamora dodges dying and slavery, changing into a thief below the tutelage of a proficient con artist. As chief of the band of light-fingered brothers often called the Gentleman Bastards, Locke is quickly notorious, fooling even the underworld's so much feared ruler. yet within the shadows lurks anyone nonetheless extra bold and lethal. confronted with a bloody coup that threatens to ruin each person and every little thing that holds which means in his mercenary lifestyles, Locke vows to overcome the enemy at his personal brutal game--or die trying.

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"Fresh, unique, and engrossing . . . gorgeously discovered. "--George R. R. Martin

"Right now, within the complete flush of a moment analyzing, i feel The Lies of Locke Lamora is perhaps in my most sensible ten favourite books ever. might be my most sensible 5. in the event you haven't learn it, you need to. when you have learn it, you want to most likely learn it back. "--Patrick Rothfuss, ny occasions bestselling writer of The identify of the Wind

"A precise delusion milieu peopled by means of soaking up, colourful characters . . . Locke's wit and audacity endear him to sufferers and bystanders alike. "--The Seattle Times

"A actual style bender, at domestic on nearly any type of fiction shelf . . . Lynch instantly establishes himself as a proficient and fearless storyteller, unafraid of comparisons to Silverberg and Jordan, let alone David Liss or even Dickens. "--Booklist (starred review)

"High-octane delusion . . . an exceptional swashbuckling yarn of a singular. "--Richard Morgan

The Silver Sun (Book of Isle, Book 2)

Within the nation of Isle, the place the solar Kings reign with the ability of the ebook of the Suns, Hal and Alan are given a venture. they need to use the traditional power of knowledge to spoil the evil that plagues the dominion. the 2 blood brothers enterprise through the land struggling with the numerous kinds that this evil takes to allow them to arrive at their future.

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If the PCs are still in room 3m, they hear a disturbance coming from area 3k. ) Round 3: The golem bursts free of its ice block. The golem pursues the PCs relentlessly, attacking them with its fists and tusks. ) Round 5: The temple begins to shake. Round 8: Icicles begin to fall from the ceiling and continue to fall until the temple collapses (round 30). For every round the party remains in the temple, roll 1d6; on a roll of 1, a random PC is struck by a spike-like icicle, suffering 1d4 points of damage.

The man is actually a dreamwraith, spawned from the subconscious of one of the PCs. Dreamwraith: AC 3; MV 12; HD 8; hp 42; THAC0 13; #AT 1; Dmg 1d10 (chilling touch; damage is illusionary); SA –1 bonus to initiative roll; cause despair (see text); SD takes normal damage from a character’s weapons and spells, ceasing to exist when reduced to 0 hit points; AL CE The dreamwraith ignores all comments and questions from the party, assailing them with his tale of woe. “I’ve lost everything,” he sobs.

As the people mumble excitedly to each other, two tribesmen break through the crowd, each wearing an ornate necklace of colorful stones and feathers. The younger of the two smiles and waves at the party. The elder scowls at them. As the party approaches, many of the tribe scatter back into the village, cupping their hands over their noses and mouths, repulsed by the stench of the retch fluid that emanates from one (or more) of the PCs. The young man in the necklace mutters to one of the tribesman, who then scuttles away into the village.

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