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By Davis, R.F.(eds.)

This glorious, in-depth assessment of diamond motion pictures and coatings covers their homes, progress, deposition, characterization, and functions. The 8 chapters are written by means of specialists of their fields.

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With a radius of curvature some 30 times smaller than the steel equivalents, the diamond scalpels introduce much less tearing of the tissue. As a result, healing is much faster and scar tissue formation is much less. Although cutting can be much faster when using a diamond scalpel, the much smaller radius of curvature on the diamond cutting edge provides much, much less “spring back” force to the surgeon’s hand. The “touch factor” requires significant readjustment for the surgeon. With the advent of artifact diamond coatings, the cost and availability of diamond scalpels should be favorably affected.

Since fine grain polycrystalline diamond films are much less anisotropic, they will exhibit better wear properties than do the single crystal dies now in use. Hole cutting for such dies typically uses a yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) laser although the etching process described in Sec. 2 (Moths Eye “Coating”) may also be used. Nozzles for high speed water jets are required to withstand pressures of up to 4000 kg/ cm*. Polycrystalline artifact diamond nozzles not only provide isotropic wear, butthe inherent strength of diamond permits a less massive (lighter weight) nozzle-important in many automatic control water cutting operations.

Rand, S. C. and DeShazer, L. , Optics L&s. O INTRODUCTION Before the advent of modern science, alchemists sought the philosophers stone which would turn lead into gold and provide eternal youth. Had the alchemists known that diamond was a form of carbon, there is little doubt that the philosopher’s stone would have acquired the additional task of converting charcoal into diamond. Interestingly enough, two of these three tasks, the transmutation of lead into gold and the conversion of charcoal into diamond can now be achieved, albeit not on an economical basis; only the secret of eternal youth continues to remain beyond our grasp.

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