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At least some of the guidelines can be learned quickly so that authors are immediately reinforced by success. 3. The guidelines, when applied, should make a dramatic difference in the comprehensibility and also the appearance of the document. 4. Most of the guidelines should be supported by empirical research. Readers who come to this chapter with a background in instructional research or instructional design will immediately recognize the behavioral principles underlying these criteria. Rather than spend time on the research basis of how we train authors, we concentrate on our fourth criterion—the research that supports what we teach.

8. Plan timetables for writing and test them in practice. 9. Organize given information elements to form a logical structure for a given purpose. 10. Define one's own list of elements on the basis of a detailed brief and plan a structure for them. 11. Practice choosing appropriate methods of presentation for given users and use and apply them. 12. Evaluate text written in various ways for its fitness for various readerships and uses. 13. Identify linguistic elements that characterize written text.

Mental analysis of a technical problem becomes a useful exercise whenever there is half an hour or so to spare, for clear thinking always precedes clear writing. . There are always subjects to analyse near at hand. For instance when travelling in a railway carriage, some of the time might be spent in considering, say, the problems of train lighting. It is surprising what can be conjured up from the writer's angle without any precise knowledge of the systems employed. (Baker, 1961) Surprising no doubt, but useful .

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