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Steam traps, while appropriately chosen, sized and maintained, will be the optimum machines for holding power. it's an unquestionable engineering undeniable fact that winning seize operation can frequently get monetary savings in steam eating apparatus. This ebook was once ready with those economics in brain. It identifies the necessity for powerful steam trapping and discusses the interface among steam power and the thermodynamics of steam and condensate.

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If steam blow persists, check for dirt or wear on the valve head and seat or failed mechanism. Replace the complete valve mechanism and linkage as a complete set. Check the bucket to determine if it is distorted from waterhammer. Symptom-Trap will not pass condensate Check that the maximum operating pressure of the mechanism has not been exceeded causing the trap to lock shut. While checking the internals, insure that the air vent hole in the bucket is not obstructed, as this could cause the trap to fail closed.

It is possible to wire a number of sensor chambers to one remote testing point for ease of quickly testing larger numbers of traps. The latest designs of conductivity testing equipment have added a temperature sensor in the same chamber that will provide the ability to determine a failed closed trap. Steam Trap Sensor Chamber Live Steam Weir Condensate Green Light: Trap Working Correctly Red Light: Trap Passing Live Steam Red & Green Lights Type 30 Indicator Figure 33 Conductivity Trap Testing System 38 Steam Traps and the Removal of Condensate By-Passes Around Steam Traps The habitual use of by-pass valves around steam traps can result in significant waste and loss of steam energy.

Another application in which these are used is for non-critical tracing (freeze protection) where energy efficiency is maximized. A disadvantage to this type of trap is the lag time required when condensate loads change to open the trap. Response to changes are very slow. Another disadvantage to this type of trap is that they are highly susceptible to dirt being caught between the valve head and seat. Also, dirt attaches to the bimetal strips or disks and acts as and insulator, changing the discharge characteristics.

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