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By Robert W. Mitchell, Nicholas S. Thompson

Mitchell and Thompson have compiled the 1st interdisciplinary learn of deception and its manifestations in quite a few animal species. Deception is exclusive in that it offers distinctive explorations of the broadest array of misleading habit, starting from misleading signaling in fireflies and stomatopods, to false-alarm calling by way of birds and foxes, to playful manipulating among humans and canines, to deceiving inside of intimate human relationships. It bargains a old evaluation of the matter of deception in comparable fields of animal habit, philosophical analyses of the which means and value of deception in evolutionary and mental theories, and numerous views on deception--philosophical, ecological, evolutionary, ethological, developmental, mental, anthropological, and old. The contributions accrued herein come up with the money for scientists the chance to find whatever in regards to the formal homes of deception, permitting them to discover and review the assumption that one set of descriptive and maybe explanatory constructions is acceptable for either organic and mental phenomena.

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Marked and unmarked phenomena in evolution and history 336 19-5. Types of system manipulation by intentional deceivers 340 19-6. Costs and benefits in deception and checks on deception 341 Page xiii TABLES 1-1. A summary of the levels of deception, with examples 29 7-1. The use of Meral Spread (MS) by new-molt and138 non-molting Gonodactylus bredini defending artificial cavities 138 7-2. Successful cavity defense by Gonodactylus bredini residents in relation to stage in molt cycle 142 7-3. Use of Meral Spread and Strike by resident Gonodactylus bredini defending artificial cavities throughout the molt cycle 142 9-1.

The sensorimotor intelligence series as manifested by human infants 207 15-1. Frequency of possible deception incidents 254 15-2. Incidents of possible deception by Chantek 255 15-3. Motivation for possible acts of deception 256 Page xv PREFACE Emil W. Menzel, Jr. If, as Western ethics and theology purport, the existence of some creatures serves solely to benefit others, and honesty and altruism are always the best policy, how are we to explain the occurrence and ubiquitousness of selfishness and deception?

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