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One day you will die. Maybe in a way you have never expected. While going to the grocery to buy bread, a car will hit you. Or, a fatal disease will bring your life to an end. Or, simply, your heart will stop beating for no reason at all. So, you will begin experiencing death. From then on, you will have no relation with your body whatsoever. That body, you possessed as "yourself" all your life, will turn into an ordinary heap of flesh. With your death, your body will be carried by other people.

In the first surah of the Qur'an, after His attributes, the "AllMerciful" and the "the Most Merciful", Allah states that "He is the King of the Day of Judgment" (Surat al-Fatiha: 3). " (Surat al-Baqara: 3) This concept of "the Unseen" also includes rising from the dead after death, the Day of Resurrection, paradise and Hell, in brief, everything related to the Hereafter. they are certain about the Hereafter", the importance of faith in the Hereafter is reminded once more. The faith in the Hereafter as defined in the Qur'an provides strong evidence for the sincerity and truthfulness of a believer.

Such an awareness makes one sincerely turn to Allah, seek refuge in Him and ask for forgiveness from Him. The lessons believers draw from the adversity they encounter are abiding. Yet, the same events have a totally different impact on unbelievers. Being terrified by the thought of death, unbelievers turn their backs on the reality of death or simply try to forget it. In doing this, they seek relief. However, this deceptive method only does them harm. That is because Allah "reprieves them till a predetermined time" and this period, contrary to what they think, works against them.

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