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The money used to jail murderers for life is better spent on protection and education. 3. Deterrence. Although studies seem contradictory, some research shows that use of capital punishment deters criminals from committing murders. 7. Defendants’ rights and rarity of executions. Safeguards of killers’ rights and elaborate appeal procedures lead to the execution of only a tiny fraction of murderers. 4. Protection of society from repeat killers. If they had been executed the first time, the other victims of repeat murderers would never have died.

Some convicts are sentenced to die who have committed less horrible crimes than others whose lives are spared. 4. Execution of juveniles. Teenagers do not have adult judgment and control, mitigating factors that should spare their lives. 5. Retardation and mental illness. Mental incompetence must also be mitigating factors to spare defendants’ lives. 6. Racism. Discrimination against minority defendants and in favor of white victims causes those defendants to be sentenced too often to death. 7.

His defense attorneys did not present evidence of his troubled youth or his drug abuse, but the crime was clearly premeditated and heinous. His appeal made it all the way to the Supreme Court; Roper, named in the case, was the director of the Missouri prison where Simmons sat on death row. Legal briefs were submitted by medical and psychological organizations attesting to the difference between a teenage brain and an adult one, and to teenagers’ incomplete faculties of reasoning and decision making.

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