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I asked the owner to take me out for a spin and he said the motor didn't work so we went out for a tow. " "Yep. You pay the Port Authority. They still run the docks even though they don't have much ship traffic anymore. It's pretty expensive. I don't think I can stay here forever. " Rune pointed out one of the picture windows. "That's still a working pier so this whole area's chained off. The security guards and I are friends. They keep an eye out. I give them good Christmas presents. It's really neat, owning a house.

He twisted his mouth. "And three sugars for me tea. " ***** Rune was paying for the tea and coffee when she remembered Stu. She was surprised she hadn't thought about him before this. And so she paid the deli guy two bucks of her own money, which is the way she looked at Larry's change, to have somebody deliver the cartons to L&R. Then she stepped outside and trudged toward the subway. A low-rider, a fifteen-year-old beige sedan, churned past her. The horn sang and from the shadows of the front seat came a cryptic solicitation, lost in the ship's diesel bubbling of the engine.

They'd either given up on their tryst or finished it and had come to investigate the noise. The man let go of Rune and glanced up the stairs. She twisted away from him, as he leapt back, panicking. She rolled away from the foot of the stairs. When the attacker turned back toward her, reaching forward, what he was looking at wasn't Rune but a tiny hissing nozzle. The stream of tear gas caught him in the nose. Breathe it, sucker, breathe! The man gasped, covered his eyes and took a wild swipe at her.

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