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26 (1956-2023) Werner Abraham (34) a. [[dem Vater]attribute [seine/*eine Tochter]head ] /dem Hund seine/ [the father]dat his/a daughter /[the dog]dat his/ *eine Leine a leash dat ‘ [the father]’s daughter/dat [the dog]’s leash’ b. [[ihm]attribute [sein/*ein Krug]head ] /dem Mädchen sein/*ein Kragen his/a pitcher /[the girl]dat her/a collar himdat dat dat ‘ his pitcher/ [the girl]’s collar’ c. the girl The head of the NP, Tochter ‘daughter’, requires the possessive pronoun to establish co-reference between the dative attribute, dem Vater, and the referent of possessive sein-.

36 (2685-2727) Werner Abraham volume). They are therefore closer to V(last) in German. See (53a–c) – contrastive accents disregarded. (53) a. Er gab [ihr [die Fahrkarte]]. = *Er gab [die Fahrkarte he gave herdat [the ticket]acc he gave [the ticket]acc [ihr [t]]]. ’ b. Er zog [Wein [dem Bier vor]]. = #Er zog he preferred wineacc [the beer]dat before he preferred [dem Bier [Wein [t vor]]]. ’ c. Er bezichtigte [sie [des Betrugs]]. = *Er bezichtigte [des he accused [the he accused heracc [the fraud]gen Betrugs [sie [t]]].

Narr. Fanselow, G. (2000). Optimal exceptions. In B. Stiebels & D. ), Lexicon in focus [Studia Grammatica 45] (pp. 173–209). Berlin: Akademie Verlag. Frajzyngier, Z. (1982). Indefinite agent, passive, and the impersonal passive: A functional study. Lingua, 58, 267–290. Geniušien˙e, E. (1987). The typology of reflexives. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Gerner, M. (2002). Toward a typological grammar of the Yi group. PhD dissertation, LaTrobe University, Melbourne. Haider, H. (1984). Mona Lisa lächelt stumm – über das sog.

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