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Piecewise linear Control of Palmar Prehension Release. F. (b) Fig. 6. Position of Hand in Palmar Prehension in (a) maximum grasp, (b) maximum opening. 33 Copyright © IFAC Control Aspects of Prosthetics and Orthotics Ohio, USA, 1982 SESSION 2: M A N - M A C H I N E M E C H A N I C A L AND INFORMATION INTERFACE Chairman: Dr. Adam Morecki Technical University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland AN ACTIVE EMG-CONTROLLED A/K PROSTHESIS D. R. Myers* and G. D. C. 20234, USA **Moss-Temple-Drexel Rehabilitation Energy Center, Moss Rehabilitation Hospital, Philadelphia, PA 19141, USA Abstract.

This position is assumed if the Coordinated Two Mode Grasp in the Quadriplegic fingers are fully flexed prior to contact by the thumb. Figure 1 shows the coordination algorithm for lateral prehension-release. The figure plots the level of activation of each muscle as a function of the single input command. Minimum and maximum pulse width and interpulse interval are designated by p, P, i, and I respectively. A command level where two points simultaneously begin or end are marked by φ . w. i. parameters are linearly modulated with the command.

The maximum power in the stance phase is approximately twice the maximum power output during level walking and the integral of the power curve is significantly positive. During the first part of stair climbing swing phase, knee power is positive, which indicates that the knee is actively flexed to insure that the toe will clear the next step. Extensive research has been directed toward A/K prosthesis design in order to alleviate some of the endurance, safety, comfort, and cosmesis problems of amputees.

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