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KEY BENEFIT: an intensive advent to the most constructs of latest programming languages and the instruments had to significantly review present and destiny programming languages. KEY TOPICS: Evolution of the key Programming Languages; Describing Syntax and Semantics; Lexical and Syntax research; Names, Bindings, style Checking, and Scopes; info varieties; Expressions and task Statements; Statement-Level regulate constructions; Subprograms; enforcing Subprograms; summary facts kinds and Encapsulation Constructs; help for Object-Oriented Programming; Concurrency; Exception dealing with and occasion dealing with; practical Programming Languages; good judgment Programming Languages MARKET: a great reference encapsulating the historical past and way forward for programming languages.

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T h i s document described the first version of Fortran, which we refer to as Fortran 0, prior to its implementation. It also boldly stated that Fortran would provide the efficiency of hand-coded programs and the ease of programming of the interpretive pseudocode systems. In another burst of optimism, the document stated that Fortran would eliminate coding errors and the debugging process. Based on this premise, the first Fortran compiler included little syntax error checking. T h e environment in which Fortran was developed was as follows: (1) Computers had small memories and were slow and relatively unreliable; (2) the primary use of computers was for scientific computations; (3) there were no existing efficient and effective ways to program computers; (4) because of the high cost of computers compared to the cost of programmers, speed of the generated object code was the primary goal ol the first Fortran compilers.

T h e simplest data type in Plankalkiil was the si riffle hit. Integer and floating-point numeric types were built from the bit type. T h e floating-point type used twos-complement notation and the "hidden bit" scheme currently used to avoid storing the most significant bit of the normalized traction part ol a floating-point value. In addition to the usual scalar types, Plankalkiil included arrays and records. T h e records could include nested records. Although the language had no explicit goto, it did include an iterative statement similar to the Ada f o r .

These topics are discussed in detail onLy in later chapters. Those who find this unsettling may prefer to deLay reading this chapter until the rest of the book has been studied. The choice as to which languages to discuss here was subjective, and some readers will unhappily note the absence of one or more of their favorites. However, to keep this historical coverage to a reasonable size, it was necessary tD leave out some languages that some regard highLy. The choices were based on our estimate of each language's importance to language development and the computing world as a whoLe.

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