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By John Haiman (Ed.), Sandra A. Thompson (Ed.)

Ordinarily the research of syntax is specific to the learn of what is going on in the limitations of the prosodic sentence. even though the character of clause combining within a prosodic sentence has consistently been a critical trouble of conventional syntax (in GG, e.g. it underlies very important learn on deletion and anaphora), paintings inside of a discourse research framework has rarely been performed. Analyses like this are given within the current quantity.

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B. yeah.  ... I felt .. like I felt a loss of identity when I .. when people didn't. d. like sometimes .. some days it would seem like people weren't staring at me, e. it felt really weird. In (36) the speaker had been telling about a friend who had been offered a new job. His interlocutor asked the question in (36a): (36) a. b.  d. e. ] ... a li—tle, ... I mean .. or—in secretarial. like .. administrative assistant. well. This connective signals a shift in the flow of information, a partially new topic, but one that is at the same time closely relevant to what preceded.

The following example shows how a linkage of this kind is apt to occur in conversation: (46) a. b.  d. e. there're two kids, ... who do it at the same time. so they have to share. cause there aren't enough markers. and that means they have to make requests for markers, This excerpt is interesting because of the variety of linkages it illustrates. The relative clause in (b) is a type to which we will return below. 4 It is the rela­ tion between (c) and (d) that illustrates the class of connectives before us now.

Of the fifty examples, twenty-nine were directly adjacent to episode boundaries, whereas twenty-one were not. The results are presented in Table 5. Table 5. Distance from episode boundaries Adjacent Not Adjacent 29 21 Total 50 Since the counts for transitivity, clause position, sequencing, and episode boundaries all showed no correlation with the case marking alternation in 38 CAROL GENETTI question, I counted topicality and topic continuity in order to examine the influence of these factors of clausal importance.

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