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The homes of many solids depend upon the scale of the debris. for plenty of tactics, the uniformity of those debris are the most important (in powder coating and healing aerosol technology), simply because numerous smooth fabrics start from small debris. Particle measurement dimension is a serious step in powder know-how, because the homes of a powder are based upon its particle dimension distribution. This booklet is helping not to in basic terms clarify the speculation of alternative tools during this approach, yet offers the solutions had to get trustworthy effects.

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When these three measurements are made one can summarize the three dimensional shape information on triangular graph paper. 4(b) and (c). To be able to use this graph paper one first normalizes the length, width and height data in the way shown in the figure. First add up the three measurements and then normalize the values by dividing the actual measurements by the total. 33. 00 1. 10 rn 1. 4. Information from the three dimensional measurementsperformed on powder grains can be summarized on triangular graph paper.

7(c). 7(d) the ChunkinessSize domain generated from an image analysis of the powder is shown. Note that the population is bi-modal with an isolated cloud of fines that were probably clinging to the larger fineparticles after the product was sieved. When converted to a weight distribution, the fines become an insignificant percentage of the powder weight. Note that for the large fineparticles the shape becomes more elongated with larger size [ 151. 8 similar data is presented for a spray dried copper-zinc ferrite powder.

B) The appearance of a holographic plate used to reconstruct the image. c) Size distribution of fog droplets determined from analysis of the holograph. (The Optical Society o f h a e r i c a is the copyright holder of the material cited herein. [40]) References 55 on the photographic plate. The photographic plate was then used to reconstruct the three dimensional image of the cloud in the laboratory and the droplets in the holographic record were sized using standard procedures. The size distribution of fog droplets measured by B.

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