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By Ton Hoenselaars, Arthur F. Kinney, Dominic Baker-Smith, A. J. Hoenselaars

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I took it: - and in an hour, oh! Heavens! what a revulsion! what an upheaving, from its lowest depths, of the internal spirit! what an apocalypse of the realm inside of me! '

Thomas De Quincey's Confessions of an English Opium-Eater (1821) introduced a fascination with drug use and abuse that has endured from his day to ours. within the Confessions De Quincey invents leisure drug taking, yet he additionally information either the lurid nightmares that beset him within the depths of his habit in addition to his humiliatingly futile makes an attempt to give up the drug. Suspiria de Profundis centres at the deep afflictions of De Quincey's early life, and examines
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Under this general heading, Puttenham lists enigma, irony, hyperbole; they are ‘‘holding somewhat of the dissembler, by reason of a secret intent to appearing by the words, as when we go about the bush, and will not in one or a few words expresse that thing which we desire to have knowen, but do chose rather to do it by many words’’ (193). He prizes the quick wit that is scorned by Roger Ascham and John Lyly (in Euphues, 1580). His open admission of feigning allies him to Sir Philip Sidney’s sense of poetry in his Defense (ca.

As the winds are kept off by the land which everywhere surrounds it, the bay is like a huge lake, smooth rather than rough, and thus converts almost the whole center of the country into a harbor which lets ships cross in every direction to the great convenience of the inhabitants. The mouth of this bay is rendered perilous here by shallows and there by reefs. Almost in the center of the gap stands one great crag which, being visible, is not dangerous. A tower built on it is occupied by a garri- .................

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