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The soul is likewise composed of atoms, but these are more swiftly moving than are body atoms. If the soul atoms escape and disperse, we die, and this is a constant danger. Luckily, the air around us is filled with these rapidly moving atoms, and if we keep inhaling, we can replenish any soul atoms that may have escaped (recall the Pythagoreans’ 42 Chapter 2 belief that the air was filled with souls). ’’11 The Maxims of Democritus Democritus left us with an epistemology that has survived over two thousand years, the expression ‘‘Birds of a feather flock together,’’ and a long list of maxims that seem as relevant now as they must have then (Nahm 1964, pp.

Life and death, and walking and sleeping, and youth and old age, are the same; for the latter change and are the former, and the former change back to the latter. Good and bad are the same. ) lived in Ephesus, just up the road from Miletus and the most powerful city in Ionia after the Persians took Miletus. He adopted Anaximander’s conflict of contraries as basic, but he emphasized it more than did Anaximander. According to Diogenes Laertius,6 ‘‘fire is the element, all things are exchange for fire and come into being by rarefaction and condensation; but of this he [Heraclitus] gives no clear explanation.

Eddy’’ (the latter being the founder of Christian Science). Pythagoras himself was ‘‘one of the most important men that ever lived,’’ according to Russell. This is because some of his beliefs were adopted by Plato two centuries later and then were passed on through the millennia to our time. ’’ He was born on the island of Samos in Ionia, the Greek colonies in western Asia Minor, and moved as an adult to Croton, one of a number of Greek 20 Chapter 2 colonies in what is now southern Italy. He influenced contemporaries at the nearby colony of Elea, Xenophanes and Parmenides, and he influenced Plato.

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