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For nonsinusoidal waveforms, using the characteristic or predominant frequency of the signal gives answers accurate enough for our purposes. The value of the root-mean-square current can be difficult to determine for a complex waveshape. Direct measurement is always best, but some calcu­ lated values are shown in Fig. A5b-1 for a few commonly encountered situations. Using the rms current from Fig. A5b-1 for the repetitive, damped discharge gives the interesting answer for power loss: P L = DF X iCFo^ X QIT tU -^li­ lla: 'rms = v^vv^c Ί s CV Q = Q > 2 2T 2π 277 Ε ΔΕ tQ^ 7rT(1+4Q') Icycle cycle 2π _27tR FIG.

The procedure is repeated until the highest possible resonant frequency (in the fundamental mode) is obtained. This frequency, and the known value of capacitance, can be used to compute L^, the effective series inductance of the capacitor. 34 Α . THE C A P A C I T O R , ITS CHARACTERISTICS A N D ITS A P P L I C A T I O N S If available, a high-gain oscilloscope with suitable bandpass characteristics can be employed for the rf-voltage indicator, and may help to ensure that only fundamental-mode frequencies are recorded.

The storage system HPG-E provides a low-voltage capacitor bank suitable for application where a pulse of high current is desired for times in the order of 100 /isec-lO msec. The output currents and discharge times obtainable depend on load inductance and resistance. Electrolytic banks must be operated in the critically damped or overdamped mode to avoid deleterious effects on the dielectric due to voltage reversal. Therefore, the condition > 41/Cmust be observed for this purpose, and an adjustable damping element can be intro­ duced into the discharge circuit to achieve the desired mode if the load para­ meters are not appropriate.

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