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By Mike Amundsen

With this concise ebook, you’ll study the artwork of creating hypermedia APIs that don’t easily run on the internet, yet that truly exist in the internet. You’ll begin with the final ideas and applied sciences in the back of this architectural method, after which dive hands-on into 3 fully-functional API examples.

Too many APIs depend upon options rooted in laptop and native region community styles that don’t scale well—costly suggestions which are tricky to keep up over the years. This publication indicates procedure architects and net builders the best way to layout and enforce human- and machine-readable internet providers that stay sturdy and versatile as they scale.
* examine the H-Factors for representing software metadata throughout all media kinds and codecs
* comprehend the 4 uncomplicated layout components for authoring hypermedia kinds
* Convert an easy read-only XML-based media kind right into a winning API layout
* study the demanding situations and benefits of designing a hypermedia variety with JSON
* Use HTML5’s wealthy set of hypermedia controls within the API layout technique
* study the main points of documenting, publishing, and registering media sort designs and link-relation forms

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