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Leaving the vanities of view, Right method won, the way obtained: 'I know! ' Fare lonely as rhinoceros. Gone greed, gone guile, gone thirst, gone grudge, And winnowed all delusions, faults, Wantless in all the world become. Fare lonely as rhinoceros. Play, pleasures, mirth and worldly joys, Be done with these and heed them not; Aloof from pomp and speaking truth, Fare lonely as rhinoceros. Son, wife and father, mother, wealth, The things wealth brings, the ties of kin: Leaving these pleasures one and all, Fare lonely as rhinoceros.

As lion, mighty-jawed and king Of beasts, fares conquering, so thou; Taking thy bed and seat remote, Fare lonely as rhinoceros. Poise, amity, ruth, and release Pursue, and timely sympathy; At odds with none in all the world, Fare lonely as rhinoceros. And rid of passion, error, hate, The fetters having snapped in twain, Fearless when as life ebbs away, Fare lonely as rhinoceros. Folk serve and follow with an aim; Friends who seek naught are scarce to-day: Men, wise in selfish aims, are foul: Fare lonely as rhinoceros!

My selection is taken from the Book of Discipline of the Sarvastivadins, who were the most influential and widespread of the Indian schools. In any case, the different recensions agree on all essentials. (3) A more poetical description of the conditions of the monk's life has been added from the Sutta Nipata, a Pali work of great antiquity. M. Hare's translation from his Woven Cadences of Early Buddhists (1944). This is one of the finest pieces of Buddhist translation in English, and I cannot hope to improve on it.

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