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By Ch. Demandre, Hana Serghini-Caíd, Anne-Marie Justin, P. Mazliak (auth.), Péter A. Biacs, Katalin Gruiz, Tibor Kremmer (eds.)

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All these results confirm those of other workers /2,5,6/. The NE mesocarp lipids are characterized by the presence of C20 _ 22 -FAS comprising together ~30% of total FAs. All these differences are likely to be caused by various genotype of respective organs: cotyledons possess the embryo genotype including the genes of both parents, whereas mesocarp containes only maternal genes. Earlier the predominance of P and 0 has been regarded as being typical for mesocarp oils /1/; as shown here, this rule can now be supplemented by one more feature, vz.

Microsomal fraction (h after germination) Supernatant fraction (h after germination) Relative lipase activity % 165 100 67 87 95 100 95 101 31 90 100 140 165 194 70 ~g soluble protein from germinating seedlings of various ages. Lipase activity was determined using the copper soaps assay . , 1988). These apparently con- flicting data may have several causes including different assay methods, the use of seedlings of different ages or they may reflect genuine interspecific differences in localisation.

1979: Phosphollpid metabolism in plant mltochondria, submitochondrial sites of synthesls. Plant Physiol. 63, 963-972. 30 BIOlOGICAl. A. lIlACS, K. MUll, T. ) - . KIod6. G. Vere,hehagln Lipid Biochemistry Research Unit, Institute of Plant Physiology, Academy of Sciences, Moscow, USSR INTRODUCTION Plant reserve oils consisting for the most part of triacylglycerols (TAGs) are known to be' localized mainly in the seeds. These oils playa major role during seed germination, being utilized to form seedling biomass /1/.

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