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By Yuzaburo Ishida (auth.), Ronald P. Kiene, Pieter T. Visscher, Maureen D. Keller, Gunter O. Kirst (eds.)

''An crucial booklet for individuals operating within the zone of sulfur compounds within the surroundings and may be in all institutional libraries....Well listed, good presented.'' --- SGM Quarterly, November 1997 ''Extremely precious and well-produced symposium quantity that are supposed to be of curiosity to many environmental scientists, microbial and plant physiologists, and aquatic ecologists.'' The Quarterly evaluation of Biology, June 1998

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The approach used here is based on a method developed to analyze acylcarnitines (3-acyloxy, 4-trimethylaminobutyrates) (11,12). The experimental procedure for GC-MS analysis ofDMSP is relatively simple. The sample is first taken to dryness and then further dried over P2 0 S in vacuo. ll of a freshly made solution containing N -(t-butyldimethylsilyl), N -methyltriflouro-acetamide/ 10% 2,4,6trimethylpyridine in CHCI 3/ 10% 2,2-dimethoxypropane in CHCI 3 10% iodotrimethylsilane in CHCI 3 (10:2: I :1, v/v/v/v) (17).

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