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53 IV. PHYSIOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY F I G . 2 4 . Banana, a day after having been dipped for a minute halfway into chloroform. ) w^orked, contain a derivative of such an o-dihydroxyphenol, catechol, w^hich becomes oxidized to an o-diquinone. o-Quinones are pow^erful electron acceptors. They are powerful bacteriostatic agents, too; so if it is microorga­ nisms which have damaged the plant, the quinone thus formed will kill them. Nature, cunningly, has set a trap for them and makes them commit suicide.

The Pullmans also have pointed out that a free electron donated to the protein chain would preferably be locahzed on the α-carbon atom and would greatly extend conjugation along the backbone, in addition to the con­ jugation across the Η bridges. There is one point about proteins which I found ne­ glected throughout my research career, and this is the difference between structural and globular proteins. Energy transductions are linked to the structural proteins so that one has to conclude that structure must be intimately con­ nected to the electronic changes involved in energy trans­ duction and the production of external work.

1 3 ) , a triose with which I was well acquainted from earlier work, was chosen. Phenazine and dihydroxyacetone were dissolved in DMSOt and mixed in * Merck Index, Merck and Co. 1 9 6 0 . t When an aqueous 1 0 % A T P disodium salt solution is diluted with 6 - 8 volumes of DMSO, the solution, on short storage, sets to a gel which will not run out from the inverted test tube. i Phenazine is photosensitive. It is advisable to use a fresh solution. Its solution can be preserved in the deep-freeze.

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