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By Donald M. Kirschenbaum (auth.), Donald M. Kirschenbaum (eds.)

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J. Fowler, Biochem. , 155, 645 (1976) Aminotransferase, 4-Aminobutyrate SOURCE: SOLVENT: COMMENTS: 185. 2 Effect of phenylalanine and phenylalanine and pheny1pyruvateon spectrum E. Shrawder and M. Martinez-Carrion, J. Bio1. , 247, 2486 (1972) Aminotransferase, Aspartate SOURCE: SOLVENT: COMMENTS: REFERENCE: Pig kidney a. 5 b. 5 Spectra taken after addition of: a. aspartate b. aspartate and formaldehyde c. erythro-DL-~-hydroxyaspartate d. erythro-DL-~-hydroxyaspartate and formaldehyde e. threo-DL-~-hydroxyaspartate f.

H. Gray, N. A. Nugent, and R. C. Fuller, Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 292, 692 (1973) PROTEIN SPECTRA 289. Bacteriocin, SOURCE: REFERENCE: 290. 6 Spectra of intact and disassembled phage K. Ikehara, H. Utiyama, and M. 6 Effect of different amounts of 2-chloroethanol on spectra K. Ikehara and H. 0 Spectra of intact phage and phage disrupted by 1% sodium dodecylsulfate Y. Sakaki, K. Yamada, M. Oshima, and T. Oshima, J. Biochem. Tokyo, 82, 1451 (1977) Bacteriophage G, Bacillus Megatherium KM REFERENCE: 295.

A. b. REFERENCE: Kapok linters a. 0 b. 01 N HCl, pH 2 c. 01 N NaOH, pH 12 L. Berrens, Int. Arch. Allergy, 29, 575 (1966) Allergen SOURCE: REFERENCE: 135. Dwarf ragweed pollen Great ragweed pollen (Trifidin A) O. H. Callaghan and A. R. Goldfarb, J. , 89, 612 (1963) A. R. Goldfarb, A. K. Bhattacharya, and S. K. Koerner, J. , 81, 302 (1958) Allergen SOURCE: SOLVENT: 134. 37 (1967) Allergen SOURCE: 133. ~, Caddis fly S. Shulman, P. Bronson, and C. E. Arbesman, J. Allergy, 34, 1 (1963) Allergen SOURCE: REFERENCE: a.

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