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By Emmanuel Levinas

A set of essays courting from among 1969 and 1980, treating particular Jewish difficulties: exegetic method, issues of Jewish doctrine, Jewish non secular philosophy, and modern political and cultural concerns. it is usually 5 Talmudic readings. The booklet could be of vast curiosity among the philosophical and spiritual neighborhood at huge.

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An unavoidable stage-of-justice for all elevation. An earthly Jerusalem must be accomplished - which in Talmudic terms means studying and practising the Torah or the justice of the Torah, and in a way moving, thanks to study, on to another level of practical conscience and attention through which the science called Torah is defined - so that the heavenly Jerusalem is filled with divine presence. There is no other access to salvation than that which passes through the dwelling place of men. That is the fundamental symbolism attached to this city.

Psalms 84:10). Better to Me one day spent by you in study of Torah than a thousand sacrifices that your son Solomon will (some day) offer before Me, on the altar! l CITY COMPACT TOGETHER WITH THE HEAVENLY JERUSALEM In the text that I will comment upon, the name of Jerusalem does not appear until towards the end. This end mentions the first two verses of Psalm 122. The Psalmist here sings the joy of finding himself before the gates of Jerusalem. He exalts this place of pilgrimage and tribunals of justice.

But one may also wonder whether the exclusion pronounced by R. Ishmael is not a means of hiding R. Johanan's opinion from Ben Damah, in accordance with the caution he recommends. That Ben Damah should be uncultured will come as a surprise. Does he not know the whole of the Torah? Unless there are learned uncultured people! What is the deep meaning of 'am ha-arezl He who considers that culture or the Torah has its time and its limits, that the Torah permits itself to be enclosed within a time schedule MODEL OF THE WEST 27 and that it leaves spare time for Greek wisdom; that there exists a Greek wisdom for the slack periods of holidays and Sundays.

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