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23 Give an implementation of the function sa32string that takes a value of type SA3 and returns the string represented by this value. 24 A datatype in Haskell describes an inductively defined set. The following datatype represents a limited form of arithmetic expressions data Expr = Add Expr Expr | Mul Expr Expr | Con Int Give a grammar that corresponds to this datatype. 8, which describes the concrete syntax for palindromes over {a, b}. 1 Define a datatype Pal that describes the abstract syntax corresponding to your grammar.

Definition 11: Grammar operations Let G = (T, N, R, S) be a context-free grammar and let S be a fresh nonterminal. Then G∗ = (T, N ∪ {S }, R ∪ {S → , S → SS }, S ) star G G+ = (T, N ∪ {S }, R ∪ {S → S, S → SS }, S ) plus G G? , P + , and P ∗ for a string P is very similar to the definitions of the operations on grammars. For example, P ∗ denotes zero or more concatenations of string P , so Dig ∗ denotes the language consisting of zero or more digits. ) = L(Z) with Z → | P where Z is a new nonterminal in each definition.

Give a grammar for L that has no right recursive productions. 45 Describe the language L of the grammar X = a | Xb. Give a grammar for L that has no left recursive productions. Give a grammar for L that has no left recursive productions and which is non-contracting. 46 Consider the language L of the grammar S = T | US T = aSa | U a U = S | SU T Give a grammar for L which uses only alternatives of length ≤ 2. Give a grammar for L which uses only 2 nonterminals. 47 Give a grammar for the language of all sequences of 0’s and 1’s which start with a 1 and contain exactly one 0.

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