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The Journey’s End I came to Rishikesh in June 1924 and found it my destination. My Guru gave me initiation and enough spiritual strength and blessings. Gurus can do this much only. It is the student who has to do intense and rigorous Sadhana. Rishikesh is a Railway Station in the District of Dehra Dun, Uttar Pradesh, in the Himalayas. It is a holy place with many Mahatmas. There are Kshetras (alms-houses) to provide free food for all Sadhus and Yogins and aspirants. They can stay in any of the Dharmasalas or Kutias or have their own thatched cottages and huts in any place.

I wanted to carry the Message of Divine Life to each and every aspirant individually. Spiritual Conferences Though I had a special predilection for deep meditation in seclusion during my stay in Swargashram, periodically I organised Satsangas in the evening hours. I invited the Mahatmas and the Brahmacharis. One Punjabi Mahatma used to conduct classes on the Yoga-Vasishtha and Tulasidas Ramayana and before closing I did Bhajan and Kirtan. P. and Punjab. m. and compelled all the devotees to join the collective Sadhana.

G. Robins, the Manager of a nearby Rubber Estate which had its own hospital. Fortunately for me, Mr. G. Robins was just then in need of an assistant to work in the Estate Hospital. He was a terrible man with a violent temper, a giant figure, tall and stout. ’ I replied: ‘Yes. ’ I was appointed at once. I had been told by a local Indian resident that I ought not to accept, in accordance with their policy, anything less than a hundred dollars a month. Mr. Robins agreed to give me one hundred and fifty dollars to start with.

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