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Then he remembered that his grandfather had been ableby virtue of his medical trainingto study the natural sciences. So it was that Jung decided to pursue his interests through the study of medicine. He never lost his interest in archaeology, particularly that branch concerned with paleontology. He even considered his work as a psychiatrist to be ''historical comparative psychology," which, like paleontology ("the study of the archetypes of the animals") consisted of "the study of archetypes in the soul.

Every energic phenomenon (and there is no phenomenon that is not energic) consists of pairs of opposites: beginning and end, above and below, hot and cold, earlier and later, cause and effect, etc. 11 Note that while Jung proposes in this passage an explanation for movementor changein the psyche, he grounds that explanation in the premise that the psyche is part of the natural order and obeys its laws. This will be an important point to remember in our discussion of chaos theory and its applicability to psychic functioning.

Given the notorious differences in behavior among individuals, however, that proof came very grudgingly, if at all. So he turned to the images the psyche produces, on the assumption that they reflect the psychic processes giving rise to them. 5Discourse on Thinking, p. 55. Page 18 Unfortunately, in the realm of psychic images, one individual's fact can often be another's fable. After almost a century of intense analysis, for example, the interpretation of dreamsparticularly in relation to behaviorremains a matter of no little dispute.

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