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J. F. H . DOUGLAS, Reactance of end-connections, Trans. Am. Inst. Elect. Engrs. 5 6 , 2 5 7 (1937). 14. P. J. LAWRENSON, The magnetic field of the end-windings of turbo-generators, Proc. Instn. Elect. Engrs. 108 A , 538 (1961). Additional Reference MACK, C , The field due to an infinite dielectric cylinder between two parallel conducting plates, Br. J. Appl. Phys. 6 , 59 (1955). 1. Introduction The method of images, because of its simplicity, is of considerable value, but for many problems involving multiple boundaries or specified distributions of potential or potential gradient, it is more convenient to solve the field equations directly.

9) 42 ELECTRIC A N D MAGNETIC FIELD PROBLEMS where the field is in the /-plane and the distances a and / and the origin are as shown in Fig. 3. This solution obviously applies also to the magnetic field of a line current between parallel impermeable boundaries. For infinitely permeable boundaries the images of a line current have the same positions as those above, but they are all of the same sign. A map of the field is shown in Fig. 5, and it is seen that the images are such as to make the boundary lines magnetic equipotentials.

1). The charge lies in region 1 of permittivity e e region 2 having permittivity e e . Let the two regions be in the (x, y) plane, the boundary coinciding with the x-axis and the charge being at the point y = a. 1) 2 IJIEQEI y i Region I En a P X Region 2 FIG. 1 t Maxwell, article 317, has given solutions for fields due to a point charge involving parallel boundaries of different conductivities, and these solutions can be extended by superposition to apply to line charges. 39 IMAGES where a is as shown in Fig.

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