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This e-book is entitled Analog layout necessities since it includes all issues of significance to the analog fashion designer that are necessary to receive enough insights to do an intensive task.

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Later on we will compare amplifiers by means of a Figure of Merit (FOM), which quotes how much GBW can be obtained for a certain load capacitance and power consumption. The GBW itself is readily obtained. It only depends on the transistor transconductance and the load capacitance, not on the output resistance. We will see that this expression is valid for all possible single-stage amplifiers. It is therefore a very important expression! 028 To have a better view on how the frequencies BW and GBW are related to the lowfrequency gain, a Bode diagram is included.

CE The larger the current, the more C is dominant in C . On the other hand, for small currents, D p C consists mainly of the junction capacitance Q . p jBE This Base transit time t strongly depends on the Base width W , as shown in this slide. F B Parameter D is the diffusion constant of the electrons in the p-Base region. In high-speed devices however, all electrons move at maximum speed, which is the speed of velocity saturation v sat (107 cm/s), very much as in a high-speed MOST. The time needed by the electrons to flow through the Base is then easily calculated.

E The difference in depth is then the actual base width W . B Another n-region is diffused in the Collector n-epitaxial region to make good contact. Moreover, a buried layer is added underneath the transistor to lower the series collector resistance. Quite often more diffusions are added to lower, for example, the Base resistance. The transistor on the left is a vertical npn transistor. The one on the right however is a vertical pnp transistor. The Base width is now the horizontal spacing between the two p-islands being the Emitter and the Collector, in which the latter one normally surrounds the Emitter in the middle.

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