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An English instructing textual content with Tibetan translation. Many pages of routines. The English was once translated into chinese language and it used to be from the chinese language that the Tibetan model was once made.

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X) Why is not he doing his homework? (X) Why isn’t he doing his homework? (O) = Why is he not doing his homework? (O) % can ( ), will ( ), may ( ) % E! ' You when will come? (X) When will you come? (O) 8= You how can do it? (X) How can you do it? (O) 0 3 # B E! ' E do does He lives where? (X) Where he lives? (X) Where does he live? (O) ! They why like music? (X) Why do they like music? (O) 4. It’s staring at Rover with fear. = It’s staring at Rover fearfully. 8 = with fear fearfully = is staring at V.

17. dance vi. ( || Everybody likes cute children. ( 13. young adj. 15. fair adj. ( ✂ glasses *a pair of glasses * (7 ) # ] ) *woman n. ( " # % white [ ) || Do you know how to dance? ( 18. someone pron. 42 5 ) ] 19. else adv. (everybody *everybody else somebody, nobody B = everyone else; somebody else nobody else ) 8 = someone else; = no one else; I like my teacher, but everyone else doesn’t. ( < ) Sorry, I can’t help you. Please ask someone else. ( ) 2 James smokes, but no one else in the office does.

He is sad because he __ money. (A) has no any (B) not has (C) not has any (D) doesn’t have any 5. Tim often ___ his children. (A) toys (B) buys toys for (C) buys for his toys (D) buys toys to Lesson 31: Poor Amy . Reading + =D Amy can’t pay this month’s rent. She needs some help. Unfortunately, none of her friends can help her. They don’t have any money, either. Poor Amy is really depressed. She has no money, and the landlord is knocking at the door. Amy is very nervous. ” + H : % 1 + " 1/ + . Vocabulary & Idioms 1.

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