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I ) Sino ka ba? ' ) i Kumusta po kayo? 'How arc you, (sir/madam)'. ) c. 3 ' Nasa ibabaw ng mesa. 'On the table'. ,Nasaan a11g libro lw? ') 3Ang maliit ! "The small one'. , A11g ali11 a11g mas gusto mo? ' d. 2. /2l/: used for: the second part of alternative questions (cf. S ); phrases of direct address after social formulas not in question form (cf. 22); the sentence-final particle Ila in sentences expressing sarcasm or a challenge to an a�rtion (cf. c. §6. 1 3). d. quotation tags (cf. d)) Examples: l z t Kukunin mo ba ito � hindi?

Final syllable or the last l ong syllable in all other cases. are illustrated in the following examples, which arc numbered according to the rule they illustrate. In two-point lexically·determined patterns ending wilh the words given in t he examples. P2 would in each case be the italicized syllable(s). The cases covered by the above rules la. b. 2a. damir d u mati11g /damit/ 'clothing' damit ko /damit koh/ gutom 11a /gutu m nah/ 'hungry now' ball

In a one·poiSylntl·apblatetserbefor n phreaseP1wimaytlohngoutbelsyloslngiglahtblvowel l y l o wer or sl i g h t l y hi g her i n pi t c h t h an P1 or t h ey may be on t h e same syllabilcevels beforas Pe1•P1Siarncec onsuchthevarsameiatiolenvelis iasnsiP1gniiltiscanlelf. fL _ _ _ _ A INTONATION PATTE RN. A INTONATION PHRASE, PHRASE. LEVELS, PITCll CONTO URS. A PITCll POINT PITCll POINTS. PITCH I N ITIAL PITCll POINTS, FINAL PITCll POINTS, ONE-POINT PATTE RNS; TWO-POINT PATTE RNS. F I R ST LONG SYLLA BLE).

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