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By Dr Robert Mayer

Approximately part the quantity is taken up by way of an complicated Tibetan textual content version of 4 chapters from the Phur pa bcu gnyis (PCN), a widely known yet to date little-studied tantric textual content of the Nying-ma-pa university of Tibetan Buddhism, observed through a long and hugely technical dialogue of the issues interested in modifying texts of this sort ...The introductory fabric of Mayer's e-book offers a masterly and unique precis of the problems raised by means of those difficulties. The questions concerned, these of canonicity, authenticity, imaginative and prescient and revelation, are important to the certainty of Tibetan and different traditions of Buddhism within the west. Mayer's ebook is the 1st colossal try and current an total photo of those matters ...Appealing to scholars of Tibetan Buddhism to increase their horizons, Mayer offers extraordinary proof of the benefits in doing so ...He units this paintings in a large highbrow framework drawn from the sociology of faith.

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3 Louis Dumont Louis Dumont suggested nearly forty years ago that "the secret of Hinduism may be found in the dialogue between the renouncer and the man-in-the-world" (Dumont 1980:270). Although his writings on India have been SUbjected to intense debate and criticism, much of it still remains of great interest. 21 Dumont suggested the religious 21 Marxist authors and other champions of the socially oppressed classes in Indian society attacked Dumont at the outset as an apologist for caste, and joined others in criticising his outlook as implying a static structure while neglecting historical economic and social forces.

Dumont emphasised that his categories of renouncer and man-inthe-world represented nothing more than "ideal types, which in fact combine more and more in the course of time"(275); in other words, Dumont intended his terms to be understood in a stipulative rather than a lexical sense. Nevertheless, Dumont implies that original Buddhism taught primarily or essentially the ascetic path of the individual-outside-the-world, and only secondarily or incidentally the settled path of the man-in-the-world.

In Mahayana Buddhism, however, these two aspects are systematically analyzed at the doctrinal level in several ways. a); or, from another point of view, wisdom (prajfia) and methods (upaya), the . unity of which symbolises enlightenment in Tantric Buddhism. In general, Buddhist practitioners were free to approach Buddhism through either or both of these aspects, each one of which, though distinct, implies and serves the other. Buddhism allows methods to be approached through wisdom, or wisdom to be approached through methods.

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