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By William Lutz et al.

This instruction manual exhibits how one can use well-established concepts for writing in undeniable English to create clearer and extra informative disclosure records. we're publishing this instruction manual just for your basic details. after all, while drafting a rfile for submitting with the SEC, you want to be certain it meets all felony standards.

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But don’t assume that differ­ ent typefaces in the same point size are of equal size. For example, here are four typefaces set in 11pt: This is an example in 11pt. Franklin Gothic This is an example in 11pt. Century Schoolbook This is an example in 11pt. Garamond This is an example in 11pt. Helvetica This is an example in 11pt. Times Choose a legible type size A point size that is too small is difficult for everyone to read. A point size that is too large is also hard to read. Generally, type in 10pt–12pt is most common.

These design elements determine whether read­ ing is easy or becomes too much of a physical or mental chore. Use white space effectively Generous use of white space on the page enhances readability, helps to emphasize important points, and lightens the overall look of the document. White space especially affects the readers of disclosure documents because these documents usually feature dense blocks of impenetrable text. You should fight the impulse to fill up the entire page with text or graphics.

But there has been a great deal of research on readability (how easy something is to read) and it shows that those disruptive, inconsis­ tent gaps between the words inhibit the flow of reading. Besides, they look dumb. and you’ll find there’s a very strong trend now to align type on the left and leave the right ragged. 46 a pl a i n en g l i s h h and b ook Keep lines to a reasonable length A comfortable line length for most readers is 32 to 64 characters. Any longer than that, and your readers will lose their place when they read from line to line.

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