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In a time of trouble, we'd like a consultant to aid us calm and stabilize our lives. reason why Kabbalah is being printed to hundreds of thousands this present day. Kabbalah is a device for improving existence, and A advisor to the Hidden knowledge of Kabbalah teaches how we will be able to use this instrument. In a sleek, easygoing kind, you are going to research the fundamentals of Kabbalah, and obtain a lot wanted feedback for applying this age-old technology for your everyday life.

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Isolating from your desire to enjoy only those desires that you can use in order to please the Creator. 3. Correcting the intention of the worthy desires and achieving sameness with the Creator in those desires. ” In spirituality, you turn away from looking at the picture of reality you are born with. Instead, you get to know the forces that paint the picture. You get to know the artist. You acquire the ability to connect to the forces that create the picture, and ultimately to govern those forces.

But because our senses do not have the same qualities as those objects, Spiritual Sparks we do not perceive them. You must therefore understand and We perceive only that part perceive that all the names and appellaof the object that resonates tions, and all the worlds, Upper and lower, are all one Simple Light, Unique and Uni- to qualities we already have. fied. In the Creator, the spreading Light, the For a complete perception Thought, the Operation, the Operator, and of anything, we need to first anything the heart can think and contembe complete within.

Fake Freedom Kabbalah teaches that even though the Creator wants to enter into a relationship with His creation, He has concealed Himself from us to give the impression of free will. Under these conditions, we seem to be able to act, think, and choose, completely independent of the Creator’s presence. Our choices appear to be made of our own volition and free will; we do not detect an unseen hand guiding our actions and, as far as we can tell, our choices are truly free. Think of it this way: the Creator has your entire life planned out for you, down to what you will have for lunch today.

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