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By William Marcellus McPheeters Professor of Old Testament Emeritus Walter Brueggemann

The outdated testomony offers primarily robust methods of pondering and seeing. Brueggemann considers the artistry of one & 2 Kings because it mediates among background and religion. He has spent decades engaged with the artistry and mind's eye of the outdated testomony, considering the methods of energy in church and society and he makes transparent that these problems with strength within the historical texts nonetheless pertain to modern occasions. entire with searchable CD-ROM

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But that is, in this narrative, deferred. Horned altars have been discovered at many Iron Age sites in Israel and were prevalent in biblical accounts. The Meggido stratum in which this altar was found was characterized by large public structures and is generally thought to have been built by King Solomon. It included a four-entryway gate and a well-built double wall. Four-Horned Incense Altar. Palestine. Megiddo, Stratum VA-IVB. Iron Age IIA, 10th century BC. Limestone. 5 cm. University of Chicago.

Chicago, Illinois. ” That is, if he is completely loyal to Solomon and is no longer a rival and threat. Adonijah has no option. He knuckles under to the new king. He swears allegiance and is tersely dispatched out of court. Solomon is the winner in the deathly contest. David has willed it; Yahweh has blessed it; the military has guaranteed it. Judah has a new king; the throne is now assigned by choreographed intrigue, sacramental acts that smack of cynicism, and guaranteeing military power. We are ready for the story of “the kings” to unfold.

But the two parties also embody important ideological commitments that involve more than simply personal ambition. 2. The entry point of the narrative suggests that this politics is never far from sexuality. [On Political Sex] Politics and sexuality, in a macho society, represent twin possibilities for domination. It is evident in vv. ” David had been, in his long life, no stranger to virility of a crude kind, as we are told in terms of his readiness to “take” the wife of Nabal (1 Sam 25:39-44), and more notably the wife of Uriah the Hittite (2 Sam 11–12).

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